Hard Money Loans

Generally, our basic lending parameters for private Hard Money Loans are:
(These Terms can be modified to fit your specific loan needs)

Typical “Fix and Flip” Program

  •    LTV: Up to 76% ARV* (After Repair Value)
  •    Interest Rate: None
  •    Points: None
  •    Type: Single Family Residence, Commercial, Multi-Unit
  •    Term: As low as 105 Days with optional 3 month extension (charged at a daily rate TBD by deal)
  •    Fee: From 6.5% – 10.5% of Loan Amount
  •    Pre-payment Penalty: None
  •    Money out of pocket: Minimal Required
  •    Credit Check: Not required

*Entire project including purchase, purchase costs, and rehab must be under 76% of ARV.

How to get a Hard Money Loan:
Simply fill out a Loan Request PDF File to begin the process. 

For a faster option, fill out our Quick Loan Application online here
We understand that time is valuable which is why we can fund a loan in as little as 48 hours from your initial loan request.
Our terms are flexible!

Hard Money Loan Benefits

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